Posted by Al Anile

Pictured above from left to right are: Stacy Yesner (Mike Yesner's daughter) Donna Yesner (mike Yesner's wife) and John Jekot, Golf Main Park District Director.
It was a great pleasure for me to participate to our dear late club member Mike Yesner Golf Main District Gymnasium dedication ceremony. The presenter was Golf Main Park District Director and club member John Jekot.
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          WHEREAS, Mike Yesner was first elected as a write-in candidate in 1987.  He was serving his 5th term as a Board member.  He held multiple Officer Positions and was serving as President, prior to his December 31, 2016 death; and
          WHEREAS, Mike Yesner had seen tremendous growth through-out his years serving; and
          WHEREAS, Mike Yesner during his first year in office, he was instrumental in installing new ball field lights at Dee Park.  That same year, we had a Traveling Girls’ Softball team that participated in the National ASA competition in Meridian, Mississippi. In the late 90’s, Mike was head coach of NYSBA (North Shore Youth Baseball Association) 13 to 15 year old championship team and arranged the hosting of a visiting Japanese team; and
          WHEREAS, In 1991, the board approved a $2,480,000 bond issuance to fund the building that is known today as the Feldman Recreation Center, which has been serving the community since 1994; and
         WHEREAS, That same year, Mike led the way for a Dee Park renovation project.  This project included nearly a 3,000 foot lighted pathway, as well as designing a new entrance (bringing the building up to ADA compliance) which included entry doors and elevator; and
         WHEREAS, Three additional parcels of land were annexed into the District to make way for the new pathway. In addition the entire interior of the building was relighted, retiled and repainted.  The tennis and basketball courts were completely renovated and all asphalt parking areas were seal coated and striped; and
         WHEREAS, In 2005, the Park District secured partial funding through an OSLAD grant to build the present Water Spray Park.; and
         WHEREAS, Mike Yesner was also instrumental in spearheading the grant process, which was awarded in 2014, regarding a $474,700 PARC grant along with a $250,000 OSLAD grant.  Both of these grants are in the process of being used for much needed renovations of the Dee Park facility as well as outdoor amenities.  When completed, both projects will total $1,133,000 in renovations; and
         WHEREAS, Mike Yesner enhanced the quality of life within the community by participating actively in community organizations; and
          WHEREAS, As a member of the Chicago Jaycees, he chaired the Sears Group, was a Director, Secretary, Vice President of Civic and Community Involvement and was a winner of
the Outstanding Officer Award.  His work with Illinois Jaycees included Criminal Justice Chairman (4 years) and winner of the Outstanding State Chairman; and
         WHEREAS, Mike Yesner was very active with Rotary.  He was a past Club President, and a winner of Rotarian of the Year award.  He served as District Community Service Chair (3 years), District Assembly Chair, District Club President Elect Training Chair, District Trainer, District Membership Chair (2 years), Assistant Governor (3 years), Assistant Governor Coordinator (3 years), District Governor and International Convention Delegate (3 years); and
         WHEREAS, Mike Yesner was Deputy Committeeman of the Maine Township Democratic Regular Democratic Organization, a Board Member with the Northwest Suburban Jewish Congregation and a Nation Chief with the Indian Guides/Indian Princesses
NOW, THEREFORE, IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED by the Board of Park Commissioners, Golf Maine Park District, Cook County, Illinois,  in memory of  Mike Yesner, that the Dee Park Gymnasium forever be known as the Mike Yesner Gymnasium.