Posted by Al Anile

Left to right: Siva Albom, Past Club President  and Club founder - Adina Matten, Current year Club Co-President - Bayla Alter,  Current year and next year Club Co-President  - Hannah Wasserman, Next year Club Co-President.

The above individuals are members of the Ida Crown Jewish Academy Interact Rotary Club, sponsored by the Skokie Valley Rotary Club in 2016. This past Tuesday they came to our weekly luncheon meeting to give us a report regarding their club activities. This club is compost of 40 members and is the second largest club in the school.
Following are their activities:
  • Multiple candy gram fundraiser raising over $200. As a result of this endeavor, their were able to donate $100  to Shalva and $100 to Empowering Opportunities. Candy grams are papers with a bag of chocolate attached to each one that people can buy for a dollar and write a nice note to send to their friends or teachers. 
  • Had a  Random Acts of Kindness Day, consisting of posting notes on the wall, and quotes on the tv’s around the school. 
  • Volunteered at The ark in March and Maot Chitim in April
  • Helped in their school with the Shabbat Project,  Challah Bake, and with the supply drive with H.O.P.E in October.