Posted by Al Anile
Guest Speaker Todd Setter, COO Ride 2 Recovery / Project Hero
Project Hero's one-of-a-kind program has made us a leader in adaptive cycling and outdoor recreational therapy for injured veterans and first responders. With 98% of our participants experiencing increased overall health and fitness and 63% eliminating or lessening prescription use due to cycling. During these unprecedented times of uncertainty and change, we appreciate your commitment now more than ever to helping our healing heroes.
We recently had to adapt our programs and move our group rides indoors and into safe environments so participants can continue their therapy. With our dedication to getting more riders riding more often, we know we had to act immediately. Shifting our programs during this pandemic requires different equipment and access to new virtual training programs. At the end of March, we announced that we were adapting our programs so that riders could participate indoors, virtually, and in safe environments. The support of the Skokie Valley Rotary Club in this program was very helpful. 
As of the end of July, we've accomplished a lot indoors since the end of March:
  • More than 935 total therapy hours. That's equivalent to nearly 40 full days of therapy!
  • Over 14,029 group therapy miles, which is the same distance as riding across the continental United States 5 times. 
  • We have consistently hosted one or two virtual rides a day, totaling 153 group rides.
  • We have had our Project Hero wounded veterans and first responders participate more than 750 times
  • We've burned a total of 475,020 calories, or, as we like to say, that's equivalent to 659 1/2 pound hamburgers!
  • Our total elevation gain is 804,010 feet, which is like climbing Mount Everest more than 27 times. 
"Thank you to the Skokie Valley Rotary Club's continued support to allow us to pursue our critical, therapeutic mission and get more riders riding more often".