Posted by Al Anile
Guest Speaker Maria Ullmann, Strategic Partnerships Manager
Maria Ullmann expertise within the water sector, ranges from working in China, in the Peace Corps, and currently working with a project called Box of Rain, a company focused on providing access to safe, clean drinking water to those affected by major disasters.
Box of Rain is a bulk water company dedicated to supporting the efforts of corporations, individuals, philanthropic groups, and public sector agencies seeking an opportunity to provide safe drinking water to communities affected by natural disasters and emergency situations in the U.S.
Established in 2019 by W.S. Darley & Co and Mazarine Ventures, Box of Rain Water is a business that reflects both founding companies' frustration with incumbent emergency water solutions.  They recognize that there are many brands that sincerely want to help in natural disasters or humanitarian situations; however, somehow buying 10 pallets of plastic water bottles just doesn't feel like the right solution.   They asked themselves, is there a more sustainable way? And furthermore, is there a way that allows a company's marketing budget to support these altruistic efforts.   
They offer 2 types of boxes: 
  • Standard:  Immediately deployable boxes of premium drinking water (as seen on the left) that simply has the Box of Rain logo. 
  • Customized:  Immediately deployable boxes of premium drinking water with your brand's logo and brand messaging, prominently displayed the box.
Some key attributes:  
  • With the Box of Rain platform, brands from virtually any industry can send clean water to those in need,  
  • Your social impact goals are met by delivering safe water to those most in need. 
  • Your brand can make a meaningful impact on families and communities most in need of safe water. 
  • Water is a universal cause that resonates with employees, shareholders, and other important stakeholders.
  • Water is sustainably sourced, certified, and safe for a minimum of 3 years. The water is purified by reverse osmosis, micron filtration, carbon filtration and protected by ozonation.
  • The box is made of 100% recycled cardboard and offers practical uses after the water is consumed. The plastic bag is recyclable after consumption. 
  • As of Q12020, Box of Rain can only serve North American emergencies. 
Maria was recently on Fox 32 Chicago. Click here to watch the interview.