Posted by Al Anile
Guest Speaker Len Becker
The guest speaker at the September 19 Skokie Valley Club Rotary meeting was Len Becker, Economic Development Manager at The Village of Skokie.
The Skokie Economic Development Commission is committed to the continued growth of industrial and commercial developments in the Village.  As a working Commission, it provides input from all aspects of the Skokie business community.  In an advisory capacity, this Commission made up of Skokie business members provides a sounding board, researching and analyzing issues affecting the quality of life in our Village.  It is a resource for elected officials and staff to explore new economic development ideas and changes to Village policies.  This Commission may consider and introduce new economic development ideas for consideration to elected officials and staff.
The primary duties of the EDC include:
  • Provide input on matters to facilitate sound economic growth and business development.
  • Examine opportunities for fostering an attractive economic climate within the Village with respect to both existing and potential new organizations.
  • Recommend additional steps and measures to promote economic growth by retaining businesses and attracting new commerce and industry.
  • Collaborate with Village elected officials and staff to realize appropriate goals and objectives relating to sound business policies, an increased tax base and increased employment opportunities.
  • Feature a business each meeting as part of its business retention program to educate the community about the business and to recognize the contribution the business has made to Skokie.
  • Interact with other commissions on matters of joint interest or initiatives.