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Katherine Honeywell, Director of The NorthShore Senior Center
Katherine Honeywell, LCSW Director of Senior and Family Services Katherine Honeywell, LCSW, is the Director of Seniorand Family Services for North Shore Senior Center. She has been with the organization since 1989. In that time, Katherine has worked in case management, Adult Protective Services, the House of Welcome, senior housing, facilitated support groups, supervised the Adult Protective Services Program and supervised graduate social work students from Loyola University of Chicago, University of Chicago, Jane Addams School of Social Work at University of Illinois at Chicago, Northeastern Illinois University and Dominican University. Katherine is a licensed clinical social worker with a Master’s degree in Social Work from Loyola University of Chicago. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Carroll College. Katherine is a current member of the American Society on Aging and National Association of Social Workers. In addition to that, Katherine is a past Board Chair of the North Suburban Service Council, Past Secretary of the Senior Service Coalition of Lake County and past member of the Domestic Violence Coordinating Council. Katherine is a frequent presenter to community organizations addressing issues of concern to older adults and their families including adult protective services, case management and entitlements
The North Shore Senior Center is to fosters the independence and well-being of older adults, enhances their dignity and self respect, and promotes their participation in and contribution toward all aspects of community life. 

North Shore Senior Center 2019-2022 Strategic Plan Goals & Strategies

Goal 1: Improve financial stability, which includes a balanced capital/expenditure plan resulting from an operating surplus

  • Reduce grant from NSSC Foundation by 1-2% annually until annual grant is 5% of Foundation assets

  • Develop a plan to increase funding for the NSSC Foundation by $50,000/year starting in FY21

  • Increase number of individual donors (90/year) and corporate donors ($10,000 from 10 companies by FY21) through list acquisition and high-profile special events

  • Develop and create one new revenue stream per year, including (but not limited to):

o Consulting with other organizations
o Offering services to employers (similar to EAP model)
o Offering web-based training/education on older adult issues o Partnering with technology companies
o Expanding HOW services by extending Day Program hours
o Developing new programs

  • Develop a plan to target fundraising to clients who receive services from no-cost programs, such as the Lending Closet, beginning in FY20
  • Research opportunities for additional grants and apply for at least 3 new grants per year starting in FY20

  • Maximize NSSC Board of Directors fundraising. Board members’ fundraising expectations:

o Provide the names of 3 new donors each year
o $10,000 ($5K Individual, $5K Gala)
o Sign an estate plan intent letter starting in FY20

Goal 2: Maximize the growth of North Shore Senior Options so that it is cash flow neutral by FY21

  • Develop a business plan to direct growth and development

  • Increase the capacity/productivity expectations of individual staff to be in line with NSSC

    and industry standards

  • Expand geography served giving consideration to non-billable time & travel constraints Increase funding sources for sliding scale by exploring other funding opportunities

  • Increase marketing by including Senior Options in the organization’s marketing and publicrelations campaigns

  • Create and execute a targeted referral source campaign

Goal 3: Grow the numbers or Participants/Clients/Donors/Partners through outreach and marketing efforts

  •  Develop and initiate a brand marketing campaign that positions NSSC as the experts in social services, care management, dementia care and lifelong learning for older adults, their families and the community

  • Create an ad hoc committee to consider a brand/mission refresh and formulate recommendations

  • Create program-specific promotions targeted to different markets (participant & client base/donors/partners)

  • Enhance PR efforts by pursuing targeted media relations opportunities and building relationships with key media outlets

  • Broaden awareness and build relationships with the next generation of older adults (i.e. 40, 50, 60 year olds) to better support their aging relatives and strengthen the Center’s fute

Goal 4: Improve Talent Acquisition process and employee retention by reducing turnover to 20% or less

  • Complete a salary analysis using similar organizations as well as competing organizations as benchmarks; create salary ranges and grades

  • Review and update job descriptions using data from the salary analysis to inform the need for revised job requirements

  • Complete a review of Total Compensation (this includes all benefits beyond salary – PTO, health, leave programs)

  • Create and provide employees with individual Total Compensation Reports

  • Review and update HR policies and procedures inclusive of the Employee Handbook

  • Foster longevity in tenure by formalizing succession planning process, implementing annual“Stay Surveys” to complement the Employee Satisfaction Survey, further develop program tofoster professional growth and promote from within the organization

  • Develop and implement flexible work solutions