Posted by Al Anile
Guest Speaker Eugene Griffin of the Skokie Community Foundation
Eugene Griffin spoke to the club about the Skokie Community Foundation.
The Skokie Community Fund was established in 2010 as a fund by a small group of Skokie residents to foster this ideal in Skokie through meaningful giving, collaboration, and community programming. In 2017 the Skokie Community Fund became the Skokie Community Foundation.
The Skokie Community Foundation (the Foundation) is committed to building this lasting community resource by:
  • Seeking out and partnering with donors and community builders who share our vision for Skokie
  • Creating awareness of the Foundation as a new community resource and a secure place to donate
  • Building the endowment of the Foundation for future opportunities
  • Constantly updating our knowledge of Skokie so that we can help create the change that Skokie wants.