Posted by Al Anile
Eugene Griffin from Skokie Community Foundation was the guest speaker (Picture Not Available)
The Skokie Community Foundation is a Skokie Valley Rotary Club's grant recipient. Gene thanked the club for our support and said the funds are being used for a two-day Health Care Summit.
In 2010, several Skokie residents established the Skokie Community Fund with the intent of building a permanent endowment to fund projects for the benefit of those who live and work in Skokie. In June 2014, the Fund announced its inaugural grant cycle which sought collaborative proposals from local agencies. The Fund required that each grant application be jointly submitted by at least two organizations — at least one being a 501(c)(3) — and that the grant benefit residents of Skokie. That year the Fund awarded $25,000 in grants to five grantee pairs, each of whom received $5000.
Each calendar year since, the Fund and then its 2017 successor the Skokie Community Foundation, have awarded $25,000 to grantee partners. Projects have ranged from social services and education to the arts, services for youth and seniors and health and wellness.
In a few short years, Foundation grants and programming have already improved lives all over Skokie. "We want to do even more!" Said Mr. Griffin "Our goal is to seek out and partner with donors and community builders who share our vision so that we can further grow the endowment, a community resource that will benefit Skokie now and one hundred years from now. Growing the endowment will allow the Foundation to continue to award meaningful grants with increasingly greater positive impact for Skokie. As of February 2020, the Foundation’s endowment stood at $350,000."