Posted by Al Anile
Jean Moy (left) Dr. Steven Isoye (right)
Dr Steven Isoye Superintendent of Niles Township HS District 219 talked about the District’s 5 year strategic plan. 
Specifically, he addressed the strand that relates to Career Pathways for the students including those in the Bridges program which will be relocating to Lincolnwood. 
District 219 2015/2019 Strategic Plan 
The purpose of District 219 is to provide an equitable, student-focused learning environment where every student graduate prepared and ready for college.
  • All individuals are able to exceed expectations. 
  • All students have the right to ambitious instruction and a rigorous education. 
  • We embrace diversity and will work to eliminate the racial predictability of student achievement. 
  • We are committed to employing professional staff members who are culturally competent, reflective of our student body and qualified to advance district initiatives. 
  • We pledge to meet these commitments in the most financially efficient manner. 
  • Use ambitious culturally relevant instruction, teacher collaboration and effective leadership to grow student’s learning beyond their expected trajectory.
  • Implement a framework for K-14 programming that leads to high school and college readiness.
  • Increase digital literacy and teach using 21st century digital tools and applied/ partnership opportunities.
  • Involve families and provide individualized interventions to raise healthy students in a safe, culturally inclusive environment.
  • Connect students with adults and their school through increased par􏰀cipa􏰀on in extra-curricular ac􏰀vi􏰀es.
  • Improve the physical learning environment using fiscally responsible and sustainable practices