Posted by Al Anile

Guest Speaker David N. Rahija President at Skokie Hospital.

In addition to serving as President of NorthShore Skokie Hospital, David Rahija provides oversight of NorthShore Orthopaedic Institute and post-acute services. Rahija joined NorthShore in 2009 as Vice President of Glenbrook Hospital. He received his bachelor’s degree in exercise science and earned a master’s degree in physical therapy from Saint Louis University. Later, Rahija earned an MBA with a concentration in healthcare management from Kellstadt Graduate School of Business at DePaul University.
Mr. Rahija started his presentantion by outlining the background of COVID 19, following with its symptoms and statistics at Noth Shore Hospital.
As of 5/18/2020 44,196 people were tested, and out of these 11,957 tested positive, 178 passed away and 118 currently hospitalized. In addition the following services were performed: 23,051 Super Site Immediate Care Visits - 17,252 eVisits - 24,797 Health9 Calls Answered and 5,420 Drive Tru Tests Since Go-Live.
Mr. Rahija went over all the precotions that people should take in order not to be infected with COVID 19 such as stay home whenever possible, maintaning social distancing, keep hands clean etc..  He also emphasized that people should seek medical help for non-COVID 19 health issues as well, so to avoid further health complications as a result of neglect.