Posted by Al Anile
Left to right: Samiye Meehan, Assisten Governor. Jason Wicha, Club President. Donald Brewer, District Governor.
This past Tuesday December 28 was our District 6440 Governor Donald Brewer's annual official visit. Governor Brewer was accompanies by his wife Roseann Brewer and our DG (Assistant Governor) Tamiye Meehan. As customary the governor met with the Skokie Valley Rotary Club Board around 10:30 a.m. to discuss past year achievements and this coming year club goals.

Governor Brewer opened the meeting with a short speech outlining what it is that he wants to accomplish within the district, and he also brought the club up to date about Rotary International achievements and goals. Following that he complimented our Club on growing our membership and being creative in attracting new younger Rotarians.  He added that our Annual Pancake Breakfast was well known within the Skokie Valley area,  and said that it is important for Rotary clubs to have a well established identifiable event for the public to associate with Rotary's community involvement.

Following the board meeting Governor Brewer along with his wife Roseann and our AG Tamiye participated to our weekly luncheon meeting, where he adressed the club general assembly as well.