Posted by Al Anile
New club member Laura McGrath, Deputy Director of the Skokie Library, and club president Jason Wicha.
Left to right: Jason Wicha, Albert Menard, Laura McGrath, Carolyn Anthony and Richard Kong.
New club member Laura McGrath was hired by Carolyn Anthony  in 1996, after attending college at Carleton College in Minnesota. She 3 children and lives in Wilmette.
Laura is a 4th Generation Rotarian, her father Professor Albert Menard was also in attendance.  He is currently a Rotarian at the Evanston Lighthouse Rotary  ( retired  Professor in the Science at Saginaw Valley State University)
As Deputy Director, Laura oversees the Access Services, Adult Services, Customer Services, Learning Experiences, and Youth Services departments and assists with the administration of the library. She loves working with the fabulous library staff and wonderful, supportive community. After hours, she serves as chauffeur and activity coordinator for her three children.