May 2017
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Roseland Rotary Projects
Roseland Rotary On Going and Annual Projects include,
  • Thanksgiving Basket Program
  • Salvation Army Bell Ringing Program
  • Healthwin Christmas Present Program
  • Postal Service Food Drive Program
  • Town of Roseland Annual Picnic Program
A Few of Roseland Rotary's Past Major Projects
  • Peter Claver House
  • Basketball Court
  • Water Project
Roseland Rotary's On-Going Support for,
  • Dismas House
  • Food Bank
Rotary Always looking for new Projects
Membership Application
Members with 100% Attendance
Joseph Maloney PHF
Robert Sones PHF
Paula Sours PHF
Al Veldman, PHF
Cliff Witkowski PHF
Paul Harris Fellows, (PHF)
Mission Statement
We strengthen our community by joining together as leaders to exchange ideas, form enduring relationships and create positive, lasting change locally and around the world though service to others.
Club History
Roseland Rotary was founded on September 14, 1968, as an offshoot of Rotary Club of South Bend. Over it’s
Life, it has had many prominent business leaders and has always been strong in the Rotary concept “Service
Above self”, with a strong community support concept.
Bob Garvey and his brother were a major driving force for the Roseland origination, South Bend Rotary was the sponsor
Stanley Gilbert, Cliff Witkowski, George Stump, Bob Eberhart, and Dr.Frank Toepp were important early members,
as was Al Veldman..
The club met at St. Mary’s for about twenty-five years after inception, Moved to Morrow Seminary
For a short time, and then moved the Elks club on Mckinley for a number of years. It was then at Holy Cross for
A while, before moving to the present location at the Waterford Lodge.
Numerous members have served as president over the years, and Dave Keck has been Sergeant at Arms for many
        Roseland Rotary



The future of Rotary is in your hands

We meet Thursdays at 11:45 AM
Waterford Estates Lodge
52890 SR 933 N
North of Cleveland Rd on 933 - (formerly Ramada Inn) 574-272-5220
South Bend, IN  46637
United States
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The Four Way Test
Of the Things we think, say and do,
I.     Is it the TRUTH?
II.    Is it FAIR to all concerned?
IV.  Will it be BENEFICIAL to all Concerned?
Weekly Meeting News Letter
Roseland Rotary Meeting February 23, 2017
Our speaker today was Karen Haun. The topic was Michiana Bike Coalition. She spoke about their programs for bike safety, and the bike routes in the broader community.
I announced that we need someone to step forward, and take the Presidency come July. President Paula Sours is doing a fine job, but she has a young business she is trying to build, and a second term for her isn’t feasible.
Anyone who is willing to take the responsibility should let Paula know, and she will follow thru with the Board. It could be someone who hasn’t previously served, or someone who has served as President previously, or held another office.
“It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.”
Some events that will be coming up is the, “Watch Party”, presented by the Rotary Club of South Bend.  Everyone should have received information on this event scheduled for March 16th from 3 to 7 at Vegetable Buddies.  If I were in town I would be going.  If you are in town you should think about getting a group of Roseland Rotarians together and going.  It would show we are not a bunch of boring old men just old men with a few young ladies.
I believe in luck: how else can you explain the success of those you dislike?
We have coming up,” Trivia Night”, something all Roseland Rotarians should attend if at all possible.  Jay Harwood will be making announcements regarding this event. 
“If tomatoes are a fruit, isn’t Ketchup a smoothie?”
There should also be forthcoming an announcement regarding the annual Park Cleanup project.  This is another chance to show what Roseland Rotary can do and does do for our community.
The four most beautiful words in our common language, “I told you so.”
There are still many Roseland Rotarians out of town for the winter months.  Your Little Old Editor just got back from a Cruise in the Caribbean. He and his lovely bride cruised to San Juan, St Thomas and St Maarten.  We had the unlimited drink package and since Joyce does not drink I had to  make sure we got our moneys worth. I am not sure what the other out of town Rotarians are doing as I have not heard a peep out of them.      
Hey Wally, what do you do with a sick boat?  Take it to the doc!
There are no meeting photos to share so I will add a few of my Cruise photo’s
Be good Rotarians
Roseland Rotary Meeting January 19, 2017
Arrived at the Waterford Estates Lodge you could feel the electricity in the air when you walked in and run in to a robot, how cool is that. 
"I was really excited when my wife suggested we start having date nights to put the spark back in our relationship. Until I realized she meant together!"

Happy Dollars – Joe Maloney announced that they are waiting for a new grandchild and his wife is happy to go and visit.

Our guest speaker Roger Johnson, Director of Information Technology of Career Academy South Bend ( along with one of Teachers and students 
Q: How many robots does it take to screw in a light bulb?

A: Three — one to hold the bulb, and two to turn the ladder!


Founded by Dean Kamen 25 years ago, with a Super bowl of Engineering, in that time over 75,000 students and 19,000 mentors along with 24 Countries that built robots. Which they will have this year’s competition at Penn High School. We learned of the 2 schools in South Bend and that Career Academy and when you hear the students speak, you learn on how exciting and educational it has been for them. Just a few things that they teach at the Academy is Marketing, Engineering and building.
When purchasing a robot the first thing to do is find the emergency kill switch
Have a great week Roseland Rotarians.
Roseland Rotary Support Projects
1. Roseland Rotary has assisted The St. Peter Claver Home for Families in renovating a large home, to be used as a support facility for otherwise homeless families with children. 
2. Chiara Home, an organization that cares for handicapped individuals to give caretakers respite. Roseland Rotary has supported various projects for Chiara Home.
3. Roseland Rotary partnered with the town of Roseland, in starting their annual "Roseland/Rotary Good Neighbor Picnic". This project is a real community event, with great town participation.
4. Kennedy Park in South Bend has a substandard outdoor basketball court. Our plan was to bring it up to high school court standards. We acted as coordinator for this project. We persuaded the South Bend Parks Department to authorized the project, and we worked to gain support from other community organizations. We embarked on this project at the request of Phillip Williams, a young man who participated in a Rotary educational project last year. Happy to say the project was completed as planned.
5. Roseland Rotary distributes Thanksgiving food baskets in our community.
6. Roseland Rotary rings the bells for the Salvation Army at University Park Mall in December.
7. Roseland Rotary participates in Rotary educational projects in the spring, whereby local high school students meet to gain information on world issues, and participate in area speech contests.
8. Roseland Rotary has formulated a plan to move more of our members to Paul Harris Fellow (PHF) status, thus raising our Rotary Foundation contribution levels.  We boast over 80% PHF participation. The Rotary Foundation does great work around the world (think of the near demise of polio, and drinking water for people in parched areas around the world.) 
9.  Roseland Rotary has been a big supporter of Dismas House in South Bend.  We have supported Dismas House since its inception in South Bend.
10. Roseland Rotary contributes in many ways to our community including donating to and completing projects that are of great benefit. 
Roseland Rotary