Greg Evans, our RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) coordinator, invited the students that our club sent to the RYLA Camp this summer to tell us a little bit about their experience and thoughts about the camp now that they have returned.  Pictured from left to right (front row) are Bailey Baumgart (son of Patrick and Tracey Baumgart), Mackenzie Wagoner (daughter of Zach & Pam Wagoner, and grand daughter of Vaughn and Arita Wagoner and Jim and Sheri Blacker), and Zach Sams (son of Michael and Chantele Hensel). 
     Bailey said he really didn't want to go when asked by past president and father Patrick, but once he got there, he met a lot of cool people.  He even encouraged Zach to do a part of the Challenge Ropes Course that Zach was very hesitant to try.  In the end, he was really glad that he got to go.
     Mackenzie also didn't want to "waste her summer days" to go either, because she was very shy about meeting new people, but she got to meet a lot of new people and had a wonderful experience, which boosted her confidence. 
Zach didn't want to go either, but after attending, said that it was a "life changing" experience and he is really glad that his parents made him go.
     RYLA's purpose is to help young people develop leadership skills to become more confident to help them succeed in their adult life.  It is always good to hear about students who were hesitant to go and then have an experience that builds that confidence and those leadership skills for their personal growth.