Posted by Leora Summers on Dec 02, 2018
2nd grade classroom of Cassie Doxtator with Aaron Lamb and Leora Summers at Lewis and Clark after receiving their books.
Milon thanks the following volunteers that helped deliver books to 2nd graders at Wilson, Lincoln, Van Buren, Sacajawea, Lewis and Clark and Washington Elementary Schools on Thursday, Nov. 29th and Friday, Nov. 30th: Barry Fujishin, Shellye Wilson, Jerry Bauman, Chuck McHugh, Leora Summers, Tammy Dittenber and Aaron Lamb.
If you volunteer and for some reason might be late or can't come at the last minute, please text Milon at 208-899-7066 so he knows and doesn't wait for you.
Thank all of you for all your help. Many hands make light work!