We said goodbye to Annika Neidig, our Rotary Youth Exchange student from Germany on July 22nd.  The picture shows our Caldwell returnee from Chile, Quinn Spencer.  Just one year ago Quinn was at the airport to welcome Annika when she arrived on August 8, 2012, and now he saw her off, back to Germany.  Annika stayed at three homes during her stay.  Her first home was with Anne and Eric Spencer, Quinn's family.  The second home was with Tammy and Dave Weber and the third home was with us, Sam and Leora Summers.  What a wonderful experience for all of us. We will have Quinn come talk to Rotary about his experience sometime this year.  This program truly promotes world understanding, a big goal for Rotary.  These young people go back home having fond memories of another country, bringing us all a little closer to better understanding of each other.  We will soon be receiving another exchange student, Byron Chavez, of Chile.  His first "host family" will be the Spencers, with Quinn as his new big brother.  We will be looking for 2 more host families with the help of our club.  Byron will be attending Caldwell High School, so the families will need to be in the Caldwell School District.  Think about yourself as a host family, or maybe you might have friends that might be interested.  The family does not have to be in Rotary and it is a very special experience to share your life and culture with a young person who can take their experience from here back home to help make a better would.