The delivery of the dictionaries to 1,400 students in our area third grade is all but completed with only Greenleaf to go. Many thanks to our Rotary volunteers and their family members that helped deliver these books.  Deliveries were made to 18 schools in both Canyon and Owyhee counties. The school districts covered by our club included Caldwell, Vallivue, Homedale, Marsing, Greenleaf, Parma, and Notus.     
      Those helping with deliveries were Chuck McHugh, Jon Yoshizaki, Laurie Henberg, Patrick Baumgart, Dave Beck, Tyson Berg, Eric Boyum, Brent Church, Mike Dittenber, Greg Evans, Chantele Hensel, Jeff Hunsicker, Shane Bauges, Wayne Johnson, Milon and Joyce McDaniel, Dick Roberge, and Jerry Bauman.      
     A big thanks goes to Patrick Baumgart, who put the Rotary stickers in most of the dictionaries, and helped Chuck McHugh load most of them into the car on delivery days. We also thank Bob Jenkins who provided us with the storage place until delivery.