Jon Yoshizaki was inducted into our club on February 12th.  Laurie Henberg was his sponsor.  His classification is "Banking-Commercial".  Currently he is employed at US Bank in Caldwell.  He is the "Relationship Manager" of that bank.
     Jon was born and raised in Hawaii.  He came to the mainland to attend the College of Idaho and graduated with a B.A. in 2006 (when the college was called "Albertsons College of Idaho"). After graduation he was hired on by US Bank and worked for a time in Boise and Meridian before coming to the Caldwell branch. Currently Jon lives in Boise.
     We welcome him to our club.  Patrick already has him signed up to work at our upcoming "Irish Jig" fundraiser to help at the door as people arrive.  Introduce yourselves to him as he comes to our meetings and make him feel welcome.  Congratulations Jon and we are proud to have you as a new member.