Posted by Leora Summers on Aug 07, 2017
It's that time again! The Caldwell Night Rodeo is coming and our Rotary booth will be up and running as usual with some changes! The process will be streamlined due to a new streamlined menu to reduce some of the worker and preparation congestion that we have had in our booth in the past. This will make getting our products out much more efficient and take less workers in our booth at once.
This event comes once a year and is our biggest club fundraiser so if President Brian calls you, if you are able, please rise to the occasion and help. The Rodeo runs from Monday (slack night) August 14-Saturday, August 15th.
One big change is the way that we will enter the Rodeo as volunteers. We no longer enter at the concession gate to the right of the main gate. We are asked to enter at the main gate, but we will need a "Concession" ticket which we will want you to pick up if possible from Brian Baughman prior to your work date.
If you were unable to pick one up prior, let Brian Baughman know and we will make arrangements for someone to meet you at the gate to give you one.
If you are able to help and have not yet signed up, you can call Brian at (208) 631-1120 or email him at: