Posted by Leora Summers on Aug 27, 2018
This week will be a little different.
We have a lot to talk about! We are having a "CLUB ASSEMBLY."
1. President Jeff will talk about the results of the survey he sent out to all of us in July.
2. We were all asked to sign up to participate in an area of service on a committee according to our talents this last week and this week during our Club Assembly, if you didn't have a chance to pick an avenue or committee, you can sign up during or after the meeting to avoid being assigned to one. Take charge of where you want to help within our club's activities and projects!
3. Mike Dittenber will give an update on how the Rodeo panned out for our club.
4. We will also sign up to attend a social event on September 19th at Stewarts Bar and Grill at 5:30pm to greet District Governor Jennifer Deroin and to socialize with members. We are extending the invitation to significant others and potential member guests of members.
We hope to see you all there!