Thank you Rotarians for ringing the bell this last Saturday, November 29th. The weather worked for us this year. It was fairly warm and mild.
     If anyone didn't get a chance to contribute and still wants to, write your check to "The Salvation Army" and you can mail it to "Caldwell Rotary Club, P.O. Box 24, Caldwell, ID  83606", and we will deliver it to the Salvation Army so Rotary will get the credit for our "Ringing Day".
   Thank you Ringers!  Mike & Sadie Dittenber, Jerry Bauman & Todd Kern family, Gina Lujack, Dick Roberge, Chuck McHugh, Tim Rosandick, Vaugh Wagoner's family, Michael & Paige Hensel, Greg Evans, Jim Thomssen, Doug & Debbie Reinke, Milon & Joyce McDaniel and grandkids, Bob Jenkins & family, Leora & Sam Summers, and Carl Anderson.