It was a beautiful day for a party!  About 48 people attended. The brauts were a big hit, the appetizers and desserts were plentiful, and the corn was "Amaizing" (Crookham's new variety this year)!  This was our first social event for this Rotary year and we plan to have others.  It was so nice to enjoy each other in a relaxed setting.  Bruce and Rhoda Krosch added to the festivities by dressing for the occasion.  Our German exchange student, Annika, even baked a cheese cake, using one of her home recipes from Germany.  Some substitutions were made for ingredients she couldn't find here, and all in all, it was delicious.  What a fun way to introduce her to our group again and for her to get to know us a little better.  Brian Baughman brought another German exchange student from Boise to meet Annika.  Potential members, Tim Rosandick and his wife Ginny, and Scott Johnson attended and got a chance to get to know our group a little better.  We will be having other social events throughout this Rotary year for more opportunities to socialize and to have a little more comradery beyond our regular noon club meetings.