Curt Bowen of "Semilla Nueva" spoke to us this last week about the impact of the program on the economy of Guatemala and illegal alien immigration to the U.S. Because of the very poor economy of Guatemala, many younger members of families are illegally coming into the U.S. to make money to send home to their families.  Illegal immigration from Mexico has decreased as their economy has increased which is contrary to what is happening with the Guatemalan rate of illegal immigration.  The "Semilla Nueva" or "New Seed" project, is a sustainable farming program, that is giving that country information and tools to improve their crop outputs which will hopefully improve their economy, and in turn will help keep their families home reducing the need for family members to illegally immigrate to the U.S to make money to send home.  High protein crops are being stressed to also help reduce the rate of malnutrition among the children and their families. The program is in the 3rd and final year of the Rotary Global Grant. Rotary International invested at the right time to get this program off the ground. Our club has been a part of this success.  Curt is a member of the Garden City Rotary Club.