We rang the bell for the Salvation Army on Saturday, December 15th.  We thank all of you who rang and a special thanks to Patti Syme taking pictures and for delivering and retrieving "ringing bags" and kettles from the downtown Walgreens' parking lot.  We thank ringers Jerry Bauman, Laurie Henberg, Gina Jujack, Bob Carpenter, Bruce & Rhoda Krosch, Chuck McHugh, Patrick Baumgart, Michael Hensel, Julie Taylor, Brent Church, Sammy (McCary) and family, Bob Jenkins and family, Tim & Gini Rosandick, Vaughn Wagoner & Family, Eric Boyum, Greg Evans, Vickie Holbrook, Dick Roberge and Shauna & Rick Hoge. Attendance "make-ups" will be given to all.  We picked up around $4,025 which was more than the combined efforts of Kiwanis and the Exchange Clubs.  However, the whole tally is not in yet and the Elks have run away with it for the past few years.  A final total will be given the first of January.  Comradery and fun was had by all while serving our community and again it's all about "winning" for the Salvation Army that takes care of so many.  Thank all of you who helped! You will be blessed!