ImageWe sent Katrina Inch to RYLA this summer.  She writes the following to us: I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the opportunity to attend RYLA.  This camp has changed me.  I have learned lessons and have had experiences that have changed my view of the world and have given me the confidence to always be myself.  I have become a new version of myself, a stronger, more conficent , more natural me.  RYLA has given me the opportunity and exposure to experience these changes.  The way RYLA was set up, gave every student a "safe zone" and a place to let go of society's stereotypes, rules, and norms, and really immerse ourselves in a culture where everyone could be themselves.  For me, I was able to reflect on the life I was living, and change for the better, the characteristics and actions that I knew were wrong.  I overcame my fear of really expressing myself and my inner feelings to other people.  I got the confidence to share my stories and experiences to other Rotarians because I knew them and felt so comfortable around them (to be completely honest, more comfortable than I have ever been with friends from school).  Overall, I will be walking out of this camp, a new person, a leader ready to help and lead my life, my community, my friends and family, in the best way possible.  I know now that I can make any change and difference in the world because "I-am-powerful".  So thank you Caldwell Rotary for this experience.  You sponsored the right person because I will carry this experience throughout my whole life, and I will make a change in the world.  Thank you. Sincerely, Katrina Inch