Posted on Nov 26, 2018
We had a great day of bell ringing and we thank our members who were able and stepped up to "Ring the Bell!" 
Thanks goes out to: Milon & Joyce McDaniel and their grandkids, Bob & Diane Haunschild, Jerry Bauman & granddaughter, Leora & Sam Summers, Tyson Berg, Aaron Lamb, Mike & Sadie Dittenber & Marty (our exchange student), Carl Anderson and Barry Fujishin. Attendance make-ups go to our volunteers!
Our "Salvation Army Ringing Day" has come and gone, but it is still not too late to donate your dollars to help boost our club's numbers in the service club competition to bring in the most dough!  I will have numbers soon from Major Bridgeo, but we can still add to it with your contributions.
I save my contribution to our Salvation Army for our Rotary contribution and only contribute this one time a year, so I make it a good one. Consider doing this if you haven't donated this year.
To donate so our club will still get credit, write your check to: The Salvation Army.
Then mail it to Caldwell Rotary Club, P.O. Box 24, Caldwell, ID  83606,
I will then take your checks down to the Salvation Army office and make sure it gets included in our numbers!!!