Rotary Youth Exchange student Quinn Spencer gave a program this month about his exchange in Chile last year.  We sponsored him to go there while we had Annika Neidig here in Caldwell.  Quinn presented president Patrick Baumgart two Rotary flags that he picked up in Chile when he visited their clubs.  Pictured with Quinn, is Byron Chavez, our Rotary Youth Exchange student from Chile, who is doing his exchange this year in Caldwell with Quinn's family as his first "host" family.
We need two more host families to invite Byron to live with them this year.  Rotary tries to have three host families for the exchange student in their community to give them three different experiences in different families during the year.  The family does not need to have a Rotarian in it, but will need to be located in the Caldwell School District.

If you know of a potential family or you would consider being one, contact Leora, our club's Rotary Youth Exchange officer.  So far we do not have anyone lined up to succeed the Spencer family.  So please think hard and help us get some placements for Byron for the next two sets for a 3 month period of his stay in the good old USA in Caldwell, Idaho.  The family does not need to have children in the home to be a good host family either.  You just have to be willing to nurture and enjoy including someone into your family and helping shape his experience during his time here.  You get as much out of the experience as he does. 
Please give us some ideas if you have any.