Posted by Leora Summers on Aug 07, 2017
During a recent Rotary noon meeting President Brian Baughman recognized recipient Leora Summers with a Paul Harris Fellow+2 and Wendy McClain with a Paul Harris Fellow+1, meaning that Leora has earned 3,000 recognition points and Wendy has earned 2,000 recognition points for contributions and points donated from others to the Rotary Foundation's Annual Funds.
Rotary Foundation's Annual Funds is Rotary's vehicle that funds our matching grants and is the working arm of our International club that funds worldwide projects centering around the health, education and livelihood of our world neighbors in need and projects in our own back yard.
Caldwell Rotary Club has been the recipient of matching funds for both our 2nd Grade Book program and our Dictionary program for 3rd graders. So we do benefit locally through our donations an through the donation of others to The Rotary Foundation.
This foundation does serve us in our own communities, so if you currently do not contribute, it would be greatly appreciated that you consider this as a member to help make our community and world a better place for all. After all, Rotary's model is "Service Above Self!"