I just received this note from Laurie Henberg and wanted to pass it on to all of you! She and Marv went on a river cruise in Europe, and are still on it

Laurie Henberg Update!

Hey Leora!
     We're in Budapest where it is bloody hot, but the ship has good A/C.  The trip has been wonderful so far, with excellent food, accommodations and service.  Budapest is a stunning city, this morning we took a bus tour and saw some of the highlights, but you could spend days here.  We have two more nights in port, then go up to Vienna.
     Last night the crew had a special dinner for the 4th, and we sang the national anthem with lots of little flags decorating the ship.  Then the crew put on a humorous show, with funny little skits.  
     How are you doing..I bet Caldwell is hot too.  Tell Rotary hello for me!  Laurie