We had a great meeting at "The Bird Stop" (702 Main Street, Caldwell) with owner Matt Kelly speaking about the evolution of his business from a place on the boulevard, to a small sandwich and coffee shop just the block behind this new location. 
     Twenty four people attended including two visiting Rotarians from Alaska, and Tammy Dittenber and Luise Lonergan.
     This renovation makes for an awesome fun new place for locals and out of town folks to come for morning coffee and muffins, lunches, and dinner and music.  Other amenities include a wine and beer bar.  Matt brings in music for all ages to enjoy.   Future plans for Matt, include a micro brew within the building.  He is taking his business one step at a time.
     His investment in making a great place for people to gather to visit, listen to music, and have a bite to eat, could really be a turning point for others within our community to consider taking a chance to invest in other opportunities downtown.  Watch for his grand opening and bring your friends down here to begin enjoying what is beginning to happen in Caldwell.