Posted by Leora Summers on Aug 27, 2017
Our Caldwell Freedom Brew Fest is this coming Saturday, September 23rd from 1-6pm at Caldwell Memorial Park. We need your help in the following areas.
1. Those of you who volunteered 10x10 pop-up canopies:
Summers-2, Dittenber-3, Jenkins-2, McHugh-1, Pesina-1, Bauman-2 or 3, and Roberts-1.
We could use a couple more if anyone else has one.
  • Please follow the below instructions. If you are unable to drop them off, contact Chuck McHugh and make arrangements to have them picked up this week.
  • Label your canopy with your name by writing your name on the bag it comes in and on one leg of the frame of the canopy with a permanent marker. You can either write it directly on the fabric and metal or on a tape you put on each item.
  • Bring your canopy to Valli Information Systems, 915 Main St., Caldwell, this week as soon as possible to help us lessen last minute jobs.
2. Ticket Sales Request:
  • Mail your checks for ticket sales and unsold tickets to: Caldwell Rotary Club, P.O. Box 24, Caldwell, ID 83606. Checks to be written to: Caldwell Rotary Foundation. We could use your unsold tickets at the gate on the day of the event. Please mail ASAP!
3.  Volunteer Request-We need about 8 Rotarians to help!
  • If you are able to help on Saturday, September 23rd, please contact Chuck McHugh. You can call him, leave him a message or text him. His phone number is: (208) 989-4029. Or email him at:
4. Donation to our Caldwell Rotary Foundation
  • If you are unable to sell your tickets, please consider making a donation to help support our club's projects. Checks to: Caldwell Rotary Foundation, our tax-deductible charitable 501(c)3 foundation. A portion of the proceeds will help fund the remodel Caldwell Veterans Hall project that will provide services for our local veterans.