Jonathan Yoshizaki is our fearless leader, organizing the distributing of our dictionaries to our area third graders this year.  Our Rotary volunteers have delivered about half of them so far.  As far as I know the following have helped deliver and will receive attendance "make-ups" for their efforts: Jonathan Yoshisaki, Dick Roberge, Laurie Henberg, Milon & Joyce McDaniel, Chuck McHugh, Jerry Bauman, and Chantele Hensel. Thank you for all your help.  If you would like to be included in this great activity, contact Jonathan at: or let him or Chuck McHugh at a Rotary meeting.
     Every year our club provides dictionaries to about 1,400 third graders in Canyon and Owyhee County schools. If you have never helped with this project, you are missing out on seeing the delight of these students when they get these dictionaries.  These are not the regular "run of the mill" dictionaries of the past.  They have atlases, planet information, the U.S. Constitution,information about all the past U.S. presidents, information about all the states and countries, sign language,metric measure, the longest word in the world, and many other useful bits of information.  They are a whole education in a book!  One interesting fact about these dictionaries, is that the word "candy" is missing.  One of the students discovered this one year, so not everything is in there!