ATTENTION first shift!
     Decide which one of you from the first shift (10 AM-Noon time slot) will pick up the Salvation Army Bucket and Rotary Ringing Bag from Leora around 9:40 AM in the Walgreen's (10th/Cleveland) parking lot. Everything you need will be in the bag she has for you. You will then take it to the place where you chose to ring the bell.
     Walmart does not allow music, but it is okay for the rest. Boomboxes will be included in your bag with a Christmas Radio station already set on it. All you have to do is to turn on the boombox. If you have a favorite Christmas CD, you can bring that if you want to use it.
ATTENTION last shift!
Decide which one of you from the last shift (Noon-2 PM) will bring the bucket and Rotary Ringing Bag back to Leora at the Walgreen's (10th/Cleveland) parking lot.
If the Salvation Army takes over to ring the bell after the 2 PM shift, I still need you to bring back the Rotary Ringing Bag to give to me so we don't lose our stuff!
10 A.M. - Noon: Milon & Joyce McDaniel
Noon-2 P.M.: Dick Roberge, Jerry Bauman
10 A.M.-Noon: Chuck McHugh, Cecilia Flores
Noon-2 P.M.: Leora & Sam Summers
10 A.M.-Noon: Eric & Jordan Boyum
Noon-2 P.M.:Gina Lujack & Dave Morris
WALMART EAST (Grocery side)
10 A.M.-Noon: Jim Thomssen & Greg Evans
Noon-2 P.M.: Jeff Hunsicker & Mark Flitton
WALMART WEST (Pharmacy side)
10 A.M.: Tyson & McKenzie Berg
Noon-2 P.M.: Dittenber & Dittenber