Since we are beginning the new attendance incentive program, I need an RSVP-ASAP on whether or not you are planning to attend our Aug. 26th meeting. Click on my e-mail: to RSVP. I want to get a better grip on our number for ordering meals from the kitchen during this transition into this incentive program.
Tell me your name and if you ARE or ARE NOT coming to the meeting. The new attendance incentive program gives you opportunities to win prizes in a number of ways. RSVP-ASAP and come to this meeting and begin the process! Come learn about how to win prizes!
Laurie Henberg will  be in town and will be attending this meeting as she and Marv will be going to our first home C of I game this weekend! Come say hello to her!
So RSVP and come to the program that day!
I really need a YES or NO. Thanks! Leora