Andrew Fujimoto, CEO of AmeriBen IEC Group, spoke to us this last week about integrity and ethical values in business.  His company specializes in effective human resource management and the resulting impact on the bottom line.    
     There was a lot of lively discussion after Andy had us fill out a 13 question survey on whether or not we individually thought the posed situations were ethical or not. There was a lot of diversity in the choices within our group. From this, the topic of "situational" ethics, came up.  We definitely had "food for thought".
The three basic concepts that came from this are as follows:
1. Integrity without knowledge is weak and useless.
2.Knowledge without integrity is dangerous.
3. Integrity is standing up for what is right even if the cost is great.
Rotary's "4 Way Test" is a great tool to help maintain integrity and ethical values in business.