As of this last Thursday, we have completed about half of our deliveries of chapter books to second graders in our area.  We will resume after the new year.  Every year, Milon and Joyce McDaniel, go to the Scholastic Book sales to get the best deal on purchasing these books. Then in the fall, they go to every second grade in our 18 chosen schools in Canyon and Owyhee counties, and visit each teacher whose students will be receiving these books.  The teacher then goes through the variety of books, and selects a book for each individual student in his/her classroom according to their interests, and puts their name on them for our club member volunteers to come back to hand them out to those students at a later date. 
      The kids are so excited to receive their very own book to keep.  One of the 2nd grade teachers told us this last Thursday, when we delivered books, that sometimes this is the very first book that some of these children have ever owned, and this meant so much to them.  It is very rewarding to hand out these books as a Rotarian.  When Milon starts the deliveries again after the new year, sign up if you have never had the opportunity to do this yet.  It is so much fun.
     We thank those who volunteered for this half of the delivery cycle: Leora Summers, Laurie Henberg, Jerry Bauman, ,Chuck McHugh, Mike Dittenber, Tyson Berg, Jeff Hunsicker, Eric Boyum, Brent Church, Greg Evans, and Joyce and Milon.  Special thanks to Milon and Joyce for organizing this and being there for every delivery.