Rotary Weight Loss Challenge Ends
....and the "Biggest Loser" is Chris Batt!  Congratulations of your success.  Chris lost 35.3 lbs. during the contest giving him a 15.25% weight loss.  The closest runner up was Brian Baughman with a loss of 27.2 lbs. giving him a 12.89% weight loss.
This contest ran for 90 days.  The other competitors who finished the contest were:
  • Patrick Baumgart
  • Brent Church
  • Mike Dittenber
  • Greg Evans
  • Michael Hensel
  • Wayne Johnson
  • Jim Blacker
  • Don Suggs
The total weight loss of this group of ten was an astounding 160.4 lbs.  The board has decided to make this an annual "Health Challenge".  So now that this particular challenge has come to an end, we wish all those participants to maintain and keep up the good work, though Chris Batt needs to add back a few pounds to regain his strength.