A proposed 10-year expansion plan for the Bahama Rock company was revealed for the first time to the public yesterday at the weekly luncheon meeting of the Rotary Club of Freeport, where General Manager Walter Reed summed up the sizable initiative.

The proposed development, which once completed will cost in excess of one billion dollars, will include the construction of a mega-port that will help to bring the Freeport Harbour up to world-class standards and set the stage for jobs and other economic opportunities for the years ahead.

Reed told Rotarians that the largest vessels in the world are unable to enter this region because they can't pass through the Panama Canal. However, once the canal's current expansion plan is completed, these vessels will be able to enter the Caribbean for the first time, but in order for them to dock at the Freeport Harbour, it will have to increase it's capacity some 52 feet.

The benefits to the island, Reed said, are limitless ...

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