By Lededra Marche, Authentic PR Bahamas 

Cognizant of the challenges some homeowners hit by Hurricane Dorian’s storm surge face, Rotary International District 6990, inclusive of all five clubs on Grand Bahama, recently launched its mold remediation program to assist in mitigating potential health risks. In that vein, Rotary partnered with GlobalMedic, an internationally-known rapid response agency headquartered in Canada which specializes in humanitarian disaster response, and Town and Country, a local maintenance business that provides mold inspection and treatment
The team went door-to-door beginning with homes in the Hawksbill subdivision and Rotary Volunteer Richard Halpern stressed the importance of carrying out inspections, testing, prophylactic cleaning and spraying. “Even when one doesn’t see it, doesn’t mean its not there,” he said of possible mold infestation in homes that have been compromised. “Some of the frustrations that people are feeling, particularly this far into the disaster, is that we want to get back to normal.”

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