By Sonia Walker-Russell

"To add growth, lead followers - To multiply, lead leaders," says seasoned youth leader Darrin Rolle, widely

known for his major role in the Falcon's Boys Club.

Guest speaker at the Rotary Club of Freeport's weekly luncheon, Rolle reminded attending Rotarians that

because they are not going to be around forever they should take time to promote new leaders to take their places,

pouring themselves into a young person who can carry on the work.


"The Bahamas would be a different place if every

organization could have the attitude of the Rotary Club,"

he said. "you must develop leadership in youth to

continue the work".

He encouraged Rotarians to cultivate those around

them expanding anothers' capacity to lead.

Leadership, he said, is influence and cultivation.

"Leaders who lead followers grow one person at a time,

but leaders who lead leaders grow by everybody. Find

and mentor emerging leaders, preparing someone to take

your position. Create or encourage the creation of new

organizations. Engage in the ongoing development of

leaders, for, if young people are the leaders of tomorrow

it starts when you give them the opportunity - take a


I don't want my passion to go to the grave with me,

he noted, therefore I must develop leadership in others as

you must to continue your passion to "service above self".