Bahamian society's apparent acceptance of an environment where sexual predators are being allowed to teach and influence the country's youth contradicts the old adage that this is a Christian Nation, said Eight Mile Rock High School (EMRHS) PTA President Troy Garvey,

Addressing the Rotary Club of Freeport's weekly meeting yesterday, Garvey, who has become an advocate for the protection of children, said the extent to which our children are protected in the country should always be first priority, no matter the circumstances.

As PTA president, Garvey said that his administration was faced with many challenges at EMRHS, but it was all for the good of the students.

"We endured infestation, building troubles and some other internal matters, but we tried to deal with everything on the inside before we went public," Garvey said.

"All of the things that went to the media was dealt with on the inside, but we got no results forcing us to put it out there."

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