by: Nina Laing, Freeport News Reporter

Members of the Grand Bahama Youth Choir (GBYC) and other youngsters interested in performance arts will soon have a place to explore and hone their talents.

This according to GBYC Director Kevin Tomlinson, who after serving as guest speaker at the Rotary Club of Freeport’s weekly meeting, revealed that the Grand Bahama Port Authority has granted his choir access to the Luis De Torres Synagogue.


Tomlinson added that the “wonderful congregation” of that synagogue has also approved the choir’s use of the building as a center for creative growth.

Tomlinson said he is thrilled with the idea of opening a performing arts center and said he anticipates that many residents both young and old will benefit from the facility once it has been officially opened.


He noted that the building would undergo restoration beginning this weekend as members of the Rotary Club of Freeport and Rotoract have volunteered to partake in the remediation process.


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