Rotarians celebrated the 80th birthday of long time Rotarian Harold "Sonny" Waugh on January 31st.  In addition to a Rotary lunch honouring him, Sonny was also treated to a grand surprise party by his family and friends.



Harold ' Sonny' Waugh who is also known as "Mr. Rotary" has a record of perfect attendance at Rotary meetings with the exception of his first year as a member.

Mike Stafford, President of the Rotary Club of Freeport commented, "Past President and Past Assistant Governor Sonny exemplifies what being a Rotarian is all about.  Rotarians are guided by the Four Way Test which reads:

In the things we say and do,

-is it the truth

-is it fair to all concerned

-will it build goodwill and better friendship

-will it be beneficial to all concerned

Sonny lives by this guideline in all he says and does, not only in business but also how he deals with people from every corner of the globe. With all the social and economic problems that plague our Bahamaland we all need to adhere to these simple four guidelines.  Sonny Waugh 'Mr. Rotary' on Grand Bahama is a stellar role model not only to his fellow Rotarians but to all society.

As a Rotarian I am honoured to be able to serve along side him."

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