At a recent Rotary Club of Freeport weekly meeting,the true meaning of 'service above self' was bore out.The members had seen the tremendous devastation inflicted on Haiti by the hurricanes.They took it upon themselves to do something about it.
Past President Mike and Assistant Governor Richard had already been in touch with the Rotary district that the Haitian clubs are a part of and had reported that they were putting together a trailor of prepacked food and other items to send to the clubs there for distribution by them to the less fortunate.
                  A motion was quickly put forth to the Freeport members and seconded by many that we give $2500.00 toward the purchase of food items for that trailor.Not only was that passed enthusiastically by all,but one Rotarian in particular added another thousand dollars.It was also suggested that we 'pass the hat' around and even with the harsh economic times that Freeport is experiencing the members raised another fifteen hundred dollars.
                  That donation of five thousand ($5000.00)will go a long way in saving lives and shows that not only is the Rotary spirit alive in Freeport,but the true meaning of alturistic service was demonstrated by the members of that club.Congratulations and thanks go out to all for their unselfish generosity towards their fellow man.