By: Nina Laing, Freeport News Reporter

After a near 11-month stay in Grand Bahama, Rotary Youth Exchange Student Katrin Wohltmann will bid her host families, friends, and the Rotary Club of Freeport farewell next week.  The 17-year-old native of North Bremen, Germany arrived on the island on August 18, 2013 and will leave on Saturday, July 12.

While addressing Rotarians at the Freeport Club's weekly meeting on Thursday, Wohltmann said her time spent in Grand Bahama has been informative, transformative and truly enjoyable.  " It's the most amazing experience. It's life changing. I've gotten to see and experience so much new stuff. Everyone should get this experience,"  Wohltmann said.

She said she was first introduced to the Rotary Youth Exchange after her siblings participated in the program some years ago.  After some research, she said she was eager for the opportunity to become an exchange student as well.  Wohltmann chose an exchange a trip to The Bahamas over Argentina and Paraguay, noting that the opportunity to visit this country does not come around very often.

During her stay, Wohltmann lived with two host families Richard and Monica Bates and Erik and Rebecca Russell and attended Bishop Michael Eldon School (BMES), where she was in the 11th grade.

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