On the 16th of August Bahamas Air Sea Rescue Association had it's annual fund raiser at the Bernie Butler Swim Marathon.
During this fund raiser an appeal was made to assist BASRA with funds to offset the fuel price increases.
For those who are not aware, BASRA is a local volunteer organization (the only one)that does sea rescues.
They receive no funds except donations from the public and fund raisers.
The announcement was made by the Chairman Justin Snisky and was heard by our president of The Rotary Club of Freeport Rengin Johnson.Rengin immediately went into action and secured $500.00.The Rotary Club Of Freeport was pleased to have Godfrey Waugh, director and past chairman  on hand at the meeting of the 19th of September where the club was able to present a cheque for the $500.00 as our donation to assist BASRA.
We were very happy to assist BASRA and urge any and all other clubs and persons to assist in any way that they can.Of course we live on an island and if there is ever a need BASRA hopefully will be there to assist any and all of 'us'.