Crime has become a common part of life for residents of The Bahamas and many in authority appear to be taking a passive approach to tackling the issue, Bishop Simeon Hall said yesterday.

Hall, who serves as the chairman of the National Advisory Council on Crime, was speaking at the weekly luncheon meeting of the Rotary Club of Freeport.

"It should be noted that crime in our society is more common than conch fritters. The root of crime runs so deeply throughout almost every area of Bahamian society," he said, adding that the problem is so far-reaching that many communities are on the brink of complete disintegration.

"Tragically and regrettably, in the face of all this, some churches continue to give emphasis to a completely other worldly message and passively avoid the challenges of relevance and the hard task of doing good to the least, the lost and the left out in our community."

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