Speaker:  Our guest speakers were Debbie and Gracie Lewis who spoke to the club about the history of the Girl Scouts.  Started by Juliette Gordon Low in 1912 the Girl Scouts has now grown to have active members in 145 countries. Throughout its history the Girl Scouts slogan has been, "Do a good deed daily." The first Girl Scout Cookies were introduced in 1917 and since then has been the organization's biggest fundraiser.  Among other things, through the Girl Scouts, young women learn social skills such as public speaking and the importance of helping other people. The Girl Scouts also provide it's members with great character building and leadership opportunities.
Eric Mund was our Rotarian of the Week. Eric grew up in the Bay Area.  He was an Eagle Scout, played saxophone in the school band and participated in track and baseball in high school.  He studied Fire and Chaparral Management at Cuesta and Cal Poly and then on to the Fire Academy and EMT training but decided on a different career path after back surgery dashed his firefighting career.  Eric found he enjoyed working in the Hospitality business while working for Holiday Inn Express.  He joined Martin Resorts in 2007 and is now manager of Lighthouse Inn and Suites in Avila.  
Announcements:  Paul Holden announced that during our highway cleanup day on January 25, Rotarian volunteers picked up 6 full bags of garbage.  Thanks to Linda and Ken Osty and Eddie and Margie Saleme who joined Paul in the cleanup.  Eddie announced that he is looking for club volunteers to help judge the 4 Way Test Essay Contest February 27.
Recognitions:  Jeff and Sally King were recognized for their 48th Wedding Anniversary.  An appropriate fine of $48 was levied.  Daryl Buck was recognized for his 62 birthday to the tune of $40 and Linda Osty was recognized for her Anniversary and husband Ken's birthday. She spun the Rotary wheel and was lucky enough to land on number 16, passing a $30 fine to Joel Conn.  The big winner for the day was Lee Ann Liscombe who was fined $20 for her cell phone ringing during the meeting and another $44 in recognition of her 44th Wedding Anniversary.