Speaker: Our Rotarian of the Week this Tuesday afternoon was Rae Breen.  Rae is a native Californian who was born in Martinez, but lived and grew up mostly in San Francisco. Her mom died when Rae was only 4 years old and that led to some hard times for Rae in her younger years.  She managed to rise above her hardships, go to work for Chevron where she worked for 12 years before moving to the Central Coast in 2006.  She met Dick Dannells at the Oceano Elks Club and they married in 2013.  Despite suffering a lot of misery early in her life, Rae is now enjoying much happier days.
This weeks meeting celebrated Valentines Day and many Rotarian couples were in attendance.  Four couples participated in a fun Newlywed Game styled quiz hosted by Mark Olsen.  The couples were asked various questions that needed to match their spouses written answers to earn points.  Jeff and Sally King, Jack and Sheila Hardy, Tanya and Scott Astrosky and Dick Dannells and Rae Breen were our contestants. Scott and Tanya scored a come from behind win, barely beating Jack and Sheila.
Closing out the Valentine's Day theme meeting club members were asked to give their thoughts on what makes a happy marriage.  Some of the responses we heard included; Communication, never go to bed mad, friendship, forgiveness, your wife is always right, regular date nights, love and happiness is the key, selective listening and putting the other spouses needs before your own. 
Announcements: Connie O'Henley announced that this years golf tournament will be moving to Cypress Ridge Golf Course because the San Luis Obispo Country Club is going through renovations. Jim Lewis announced next weeks guest speaker will be San Luis Obispo County Superintendent of Schools Jim Breshia. And our February 25 meeting will be a vocational visit to the new Vespera Hotel in Pismo Beach.