We had a Valentine's themed meeting with decorations and  a delicious dessert buffet . Mr Andrew McNeill and Mrs Lorraine Gruzuk gave an interesting presentation on the number of high school students being bused to Stayner, Collingwood and Elmvale High schools and how this affects learning, participation in extracurricular activities, mental health, commuting time and social acceptance.They are determined to keep the pressure on.Rotarian Marilyn Ruttan filled us in on Mrs Lorriane Gruizuk's history with our club,turns out both her husband and herself are past Rotarian's with our club. It was a pleasure to meet Lorraine,maybe some of you will remember her? Rotarian George Watson is celebrating 31 years as a Rotarian but could not attend the meeting due to a prior commitment. His wife Patricia settled his 31.00 donation to the social fund , George you owe Patricia a kiss for that one! Rotarian Andy also paid into the fund for his 8 year anniversary. Thank you to everyone who pitched in to help set up and take down, special thank you to Patricia Miscampbell (George W)and Helen Conroy (Andy C) It was another  great evening.